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NO HIDDEN FEES – Unlike many of our competitors who have an “a la carte” approach to billing residents for a long list of services, we charge a reasonable monthly flat fee.

Snowflake, AZ Assisted Living, Residential Care, Memory Care

Carriage House on West Garden Lane provides residents with quality assisted living services to seniors tailored to meet their needs. This includes individualized supervision, guidance and support on a daily basis.

Our compassionate caregivers understand that each of our residents is unique. Each resident receives personalized attention to best assure their individual well-being.

Carriage House on West Garden Lane provides assisted living services at a flat monthly fee that includes:

And… we celebrate everyone’s birthday!

Snowflake, AZ – End-of-Life Hospice Services

To continue our dedicated service throughout the end of life, we work closely with our hospice partners to help ensure the highest quality of care.

We provide our families comfort in knowing that their loved one will be able to stay in their “home” rather than moving to another facility in their last days. Hospice nurses and aides are able to team together with our Carriage House on West Garden Lane staff to make staying at “home” possible.

Is it time for Assisted Living?

The decision to move into an assisted living facility or residential care home could be one of the most difficult decisions you and your family will make.

Is my loved one safe and secure in their current living arrangement?”

Is he or she taking full care of themselves?”

If these questions have arisen, then the time for transitioning into assisted living is closer than you may have previously thought.

There are many warning signs to consider that will let you know if you need to consider an assisted living facility.

Common Signs To Look For:

It may be time to consider Carriage House on West Garden Lane for assisted living services if your loved one experiences:

  • Increasing memory lapses, confusion or associated indecision when it comes to eating or taking medications
  • Driving to the store and forgetting why they left home
  • Making irrational decisions that would normally be common place

Many seniors rely on several medications to maintain quality of life. Forgetfulness when it comes to medications can be a major warning sign. This could include forgetting to take a pill or taking the incorrect dosage.

Another serious consideration for assisted living typically occurs after a precipitous decline in the physical or mental health of an individual. Oftentimes, a fall, medical procedure or other medical crisis can weaken an older person, which could put them in a condition that they cannot take daily responsibility for themselves. Sometimes the medical condition may not be frequently monitored, and with a decline in health, any near-term improvement may be impossible or even dangerous to an individual.

Carriage House can also help if your loved one has a chronic physical condition that may make care at home impossible. Around the clock home care is much more expensive than an assisted living facility.

Would my loved one be better off or lead a more meaningful life in an assisted living home compared to the current living arrangement?”

Ask yourself if the person will be better off in a year from now than they are today. All of these signs can have different meanings to different people, but the bottom line is whether the overall health and safety of the individual is best served with daily professional assistance and community social experiences available at the Carriage House.

Tips To Help You Find The Right Care Option For Your Loved One

1 Make an accurate and honest assessment of the physical, financial, mental, and lifestyle needs of your loved one. Our team at Carriage House will work with you to examine the current situation of a loved one, as someone from the outside looking in would.

2. To the greatest extent possible, involve your loved one in the discussion. Get their input regarding what services/amenities they need in their new home. Take them on a tour of the Carriage House.

Talk with them often about the move, using encouragement and positive reinforcement. Our team at Carriage House recognizes that our residents want to maintain their independence to the greatest extent possible.

3. Finding the right type of facility is key to making the transition. Unlike many other options, Carriage House has decades of operation experience, well-trained, caring staff, private bedrooms with private en-suite bathrooms for each resident, and ample common space for increased privacy allowing for the ability to roam freely.

4. Ask what the fees are and what services are included in that fee?

Unlike most comparable facilities and homes, Carriage House does not impose additional charges and add-ons for extra services and products. Others impose fees-for-service type pricing. Many others do not accept Medicaid.

5. Most importantly, we at Carriage House will provide your loved one with the level of care that they need.

If you have further questions, please give us a call at 928-536-7935